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Consumers no longer interact with brands based on a linear journey – its more dynamic than ever before and you have to push the boundaries to stay in front.

Our strategic

We start with the consumer and market data, and then in collaboration with you we get right into the brands essence to understand and embrace the differentiating qualities.

Next we get obsessive about who your consumers are, from the true advocates to random and infrequent shoppers, its a journey we love.

Completing the audit by assessing the brand assets to leverage, we can now create the plans to reach your goals.


The marketing strategy is the game plan to reach the business sales objectives.

Its role is to inform the channel plan which maps out annual activity, details budgets, including promotions and details contingencies:

  • Phase one kicks off with the research and analysis of your brand position, consumers and competition.
  • This includes what your company’s strengths and weaknesses are, the founder’s story, and the reason for being.
  • We then identify the optimal target groups through segmentation to best position your brand.
  • Now we can create the media plan to deliver the unique benefits exactly to your desired target group.
gamechanger marketing services in auckland and new zealand strategic
gamechanger marketing services in auckland and new zealand social media


Social media is a crucial part of the marketing mix, allowing the culture of your brand and the passion of your followers to come together in a relevant space.

Gamechanger’s social media management provides the full package of content creation and curation, publishing, analysing, reporting and community management. Our speciality is creating a powerful ads strategy to reach well beyond follower bases.

This is how we go about it:

  • We begin with a detailed social media audit of your brand and competitors.
  • Next, we define social media goals to align with the overall business strategy.
  • We design a monthly content and ads calendar – scheduling organic page posts and paid campaigns to specific audiences.
  • Throughout this process, we consistently test, monitor, and evaluate for optimal performance.


We create digital strategies based on how your consumers are interacting with your business online.

The way your brand assets and messaging perform across digital platforms is pivotal for a meaningful customer journey.

  • Whether your goals are conversion, website traffic or online purchase, we have the right tool for the job. Our toolbox includes Google AdWords, social media ads, re-targeting expertise and automated marketing systems.
  • SEO – when was the last time you visited page two on Google? We want you to rank as a credible industry leader and our SEO strategy will get you there.
  • We love interactive mobile for path-to-purchase impact, CPC or programmatic display for cost-effective, and our all-time favourite is native content – set in credible news environments allowing authenticity the voice it deserves.
gamechanger marketing services in auckland and new zealand digital strategy

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